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 Electronic books are becoming more accessible
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Electronic books are becoming more accessible

... The multimedia studio of the Center for Development of Multimedia education programs under the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan recorded video lessons in zoology on "varieties of butterflies." The lessons lasting 15 minutes, is a teacher of biology secondary school №18 of Tashkent region Maruf Haqnazarov.

With the video tutorials on this and other subjects can be found in the "Digital Library" Information and educational portal www.eduportal.uz ministry. First lessons are being tested in 16 schools of laboratory center. After testing e-learning tools are delivered in all secondary schools.

Electronic books, video and audiouroki, interactive animation and virtual labs, tests, educational games and other learning resources, teaching and learning aids, along with the strengthening of knowledge of students perform the function of assistant teacher and is now widely used in many schools. As a result of cooperation of the center with the Republican center of education already established electronic information and educational resources of 493 names.

our Head of State Decree "On measures for further implementation and development of modern information and communication technologies" on March 21, 2012 gave new impetus to ongoing work in this direction.

Designed as electronic training program to train teachers use modern technology in the educational institutions. They help teachers to qualitatively organize the lesson and improve their skills.

In accordance with the decree of the head of our state "On measures for further improvement of the system of learning foreign languages" of 10 December 2012, "Learning foreign languages" in the portal section is organized, which hosts a variety of games and resources that contribute to easy and fast teaching children foreign languages.

- In the process of creating textbooks pay special attention to psychology, interests, age of children, - says the programmer-designer center Nilufar Azamova. - Experts from the sphere of cooperation has yielded good results in the creation of electronic versions of English textbooks for pupils of 1-4 classes. Work on creation of textbooks and other languages.

Prepared electronic textbooks in English, French and German for 1-3 graders, audiouchebniki for 5-9 grade students. These resources can be found in the information-educational portal of the Ministry, where, in addition, there are more than 300 educational resources, cartoons, interactive games.

- By regularly adding new textbooks and literature portal becomes for teachers and the younger generation a convenient source of information, - said the first deputy director of the center Sarvar Muminov. - The work on the creation, development and promotion of multimedia software gives you the result. Students can learn the lessons directly through the Internet or in the form of video and audio files recorded on discs.

Tutorials are improved by studying the opinions, suggestions and development of teachers of secondary schools, children's music and art schools, youth sports schools.

Play an important role and are regularly conducted by the Ministry of the "Best Web site in the national education system", "Best Electronic information-educational resource" and "Best Development of the lesson." From this year, applications for these contests can be submitted in electronic form. This will ensure open competition and transparency in the evaluation.

- I participate in the contest "The best lesson development", - says the teacher of a secondary school physics №9 Yunusobod district Umida Alimuhammedova. - Active projects will serve not only to improve knowledge of children, but also to increase their spirituality, creative and intellectual potential.

Today spreading youth ranks, effectively using modern information technology to achieve significant results and the disclosure of its potential. All this is the result created in our country, favorable conditions and opportunities for young people.

Barno Melikulova, Elkin Shamsiddinov (photo), UzA

The date of the publication: 27 April 2016 16:23

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